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Interpretation Centers

Antonio Beltrán” Rock Art Center. Ariño


C/ Tiro del Bolo s/n. Ariño.
Phone: 978 817042

Hours of operation:

Thursday to Sunday: 10-14 h (closed on holidays).
Monday to Wednesday: By appointment.

It is recommended that you consult the schedule before your visit by calling the information telephone number.
Educational workshops are organized upon request and reservation.

Closed for Christmas vacations.


It has its own staff, access ramps to the exhibition area and offices, and handicapped-accessible restrooms.

The Center is equipped with a large library dedicated exclusively to Rock Art and an auditorium where, upon request, various documentaries can be viewed. It also has a residence for researchers and students conducting research in the Martín River Cultural Park.

DIDACTIC UNIT. The Rock Art of the Mediterranean Arc

The Exhibition

The exhibition, entitled “The cave paintings of the Martín river: between two worlds” aims to show in a didactic, simple and entertaining way the ways of life, beliefs and artistic conceptions of populations that developed their existence between a world of hunters with bow, gatherers and fishermen in the rivers typical of the epipaleolithic, that were incorporating the action of the changes that led to the taming and domestication of animals, to the initial agriculture with digging stick or angular pickaxe and that would contemplate the beginning of the Neolithic village communities to reach the metallurgical revolution and the introduction of the iron and steel industry. Indeed, several millennia before the change of era frame the post-Paleolithic cave paintings of the Cultural Park of the Martín River between two worlds, from predators to producers, from nomads to sedentary people, from the valley to the mountains?

The exhibition is structured around two large halls.


The territory and the Cultural Park of the Martín River are presented, with the shelters with cave paintings declared World Heritage.

THE PERMANENT EXHIBITION HALL “Between two worlds”: this hall, in turn, is subdivided into three large spaces:

Space 1: Rock Art as a graphic expression of ideas, Introduction to rock art and its significance in the world, in the Mediterranean Arc of the Iberian Peninsula, in Aragon and in the Cultural Park of the Martín River.

Space 2: A territory between two worlds: as a meeting place for different communities and a place of clash or coexistence, where the aim is to associate the diversity of landscapes and ecosystems.

Space 3: Stories of our ancestors: Scenographies, representations of the paintings and a didactic audiovisual installed in the recreation of a rock shelter.

Closing the space and the exhibition, there is a section dedicated to the “Research: knowledge and questions”. This space aims to make a history of research highlighting the outstanding figure of Professor A. Beltrán, a leading international figure in the study of rock art and one of the fathers of the Cultural Parks of Aragon, to whom this center was dedicated and to whom it is intended to pay tribute.

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