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The Park

The physical geographic environment

The Cultural Park of the Martín River, with its approximately 250 km2, is located south of the province of Zaragoza and northeast of the province of Teruel, to which it belongs, in the Autonomous Community of Aragón. It is located in the Aragonese branch of the Iberian Mountain Range and around the middle section of the Martín River. The Park includes the municipalities of Montalbán and its hamlet Peñarroyas, Torre de las Arcas, Obón, Alcaine, Alacón, Oliete, Ariño and Albalate del Arzobispo.

The incision of this river and its tributaries in a southwest-northeast direction, in the rocky materials that channel them, has configured a landscape formed by abrupt canyons crossing the Iberian mountain ranges whose folded structures in a northwest-southeast direction will provide in the middle section of the Martín river a natural geological cut in which the tectonic structure of the Iberian chain can be observed, as well as its capricious and cicatarious geological formations.

To the south of the Park and bordering it is the limestone massif of La Muela (Montalbán), with a height of 2,045 meters, at the foot of which join several courses of the headwaters of the Martín River that originate in the foothills of the San Just mountain range. Then, in Peñarroyas, the Martín breaks the rocky strip of red sandstone of the Buntsandstein, from the Lower Triassic, forming rocky reliefs, which, like a scar, cuts transversally through the Park from Hoz de la Vieja to Torre de las Arcas.


In the center of the Park, the Martín River flows through the Calcareous massif of Las Muelas -between the municipalities of Obón and Torre de las Arcas-, the Benicozar and Guardías mountains -in Alcaine-, and the Los Moros and Sancho Abarca mountain ranges -between the latter town and Oliete-, which are crossed by two of its main tributaries, the Radón River and the Seco River. In the depression that originates in these mountains (Foz del Río Martín) and between the towns of Alcaine and Oliete, the Cueva Foradada reservoir was built, which, while regulating the waters of the Martín for the irrigation of the fertile valley it originates, provides its waters with a rest in their busy meandering.

To the north it is the Arcos mountain range that hindered its flow on its way to its mouth in the Ebro. In its foothills, the Muela and Mortero ravines -which originate in Alacón- and the Escuriza river -at the height of Ariño-, join their waters to the Martín to open a deep breach in the mountain range known as Los Estrechos, shortly before reaching Albalate del Arzobispo, the northeastern limit of the Martín River Cultural Park.

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